Athletic Registration Information

All relative information from OSAA regarding the 2020-2021 Athletic Season can be found on this link:    OSAA Corona Virus-athletics information

  • General Registration Information —   Please read this document carefully:   Registration Overview    It likely will answer most, if not all, of your questions. 

  • OSAA Physical forms —  This is the REQUIRED form to be submitted with an athlete’s registration.  We recommend you take a copy of  the current (5/2017) OSAA form, in case the clinic does not have it.    English version     Spanish version     Russian version

  • Registration Link —  Silverton Athletes are required to register on line at  Register My Athlete  during the open registration period prior to the start of the upcoming season/school year.  There are no “paper forms” to fill out.  All registration is done online.  (See “General Information” above)

  • Eligibility to participate —  Students MUST BE FULLY REGISTERED prior to participating, or continuing to participate, when the official OSAA season begins.  If any components of the registration are not complete, a student may not practice or participate.  It is highly recommended that registration is completed well before the official start of the season.  Contact the Athletic Dept early if you have questions.


Here is an option for a “last minute” physical if you are unable to get an appointment with your athlete’s physician as soon as you would like.  Dr. Ort is an alumni of Silverton High School, and he is great about working with our athletes to get them cleared to participate as quickly as possible:

Dr. Joshua Ort, Chiropractor
436 McClaine Street, Silverton
$20 per physical