VNN Alerts

Get SHS Athletic Alerts and Updates Immediately

on your Mobile Device and/or Email!!!


The following process will allow you to receive alerts in real time for Silverton HS athletics. Coaches and AD will be able to send out notifications when there is an adjustment to games, practices or activities through this alert system. Please take the very short time to create an account and begin receiving updates immediately for your Silverton HS team.

Thank you.


  1. Go to:
  2. Create an account
    1. Once you have created the account you will be sent an email that will serve as verification
  3. Once verified, there will be a prompt asking how you would like your alerts (email, text, both?)
    1. Choose how you would like your alerts (you will have to verify this through a text code if you choose text)
  4. You will be directed to the “Your Alerts” page
    1. Click on the “+Add Team” box
    2. Type “Silverton” in the search box
    3. Choose “Silverton High School (Silverton, OR)
    4. Click on the drop down menu to add the sports you would like to receive alerts for.